Rental Policies


This agreement is for “Transient Occupancy” and is governed by F.S. 509. A copy of the statute is located in the office and may be viewed upon request.

1. There shall be no more than six persons, including children occupying the subject premises; for the term of this rental. Our properties are located in residential areas and are rented for personal vacation use only. Parties and other large gatherings are not allowed. Violators risk forfeiture of rental fees and eviction.

2. No pets are allowed on the subject premises.

3. Any rules and regulations established by the governing Homeowners’ Association, Condominium Association developer, owner or other entity capable of promulgating and enforcing any rules and regulations for the subject premises must be strictly adhered to and are incorporated herein by reference. A breach of any such rules or regulations is a breach of this agreement. Copies are available for review at the office.

4. All reservations require a minimum deposit of $300.00 at the time of booking. Reservations of 4 weeks or longer require a 10% deposit. Full payment is due 8 weeks prior to arrival. A non-refundable administration fee of $25.00 will be added to each reservation.

5. All keys must be returned upon conclusion of this rental to avoid a $15.00 replacement fee.

6. Prior to departing, guests are required to make sure the premises are secure; A/C is set to cool and 800, windows and doors are shut and locked and all of the dishes are properly cleaned and/or run through the dishwasher. If the premises are left in such a condition that extra cleaning charges are incurred, then these costs will be billed to you.

7. Cancellation at any time results in a $35.00 fee. Boca Grande Real Estate, Inc. will not be required to refund deposits or rental payments for cancellations unless written demand is received eight weeks prior to arrival date or in the event the subject premises can be re-rented for the same amount of money. Boca Grande Real Estate, Inc. assumes no obligation to take any additional effort to re-rent the premises in the event an untimely cancellation is made. Guests will be responsible for the difference between what Guests agreed to pay and what sum, if any, Boca Grande Real Estate, Inc. is able to collect from third parties for the same time period. Trip cancellation insurance is offered with each reservation. Refer to insurance brochure for details.

8. Renter shall agree to a credit card authorization of $500. Release of the authorization shall occur within thirty days of departure, subject to inspection of the rental property, provided there is no damage or additional charges. Renter hereby authorizes Boca Grande Real Estate, Inc. to charge the credit card for the costs of repairs, replacement, services, telephone charges or extra cleaning for all damage, breakage and/or loss incurred during his/her stay. In the event of damage to the premises, its equipment, furniture, or carpeting, Renter shall be responsible for damage costs exceeding the authorization, including collection costs and attorney’s fees. Documentation detailing damages and charges will be provided to the guest.

9. Boca Grande Real Estate, Inc. has the right to relocate renters or guests to similar accommodations upon occurrences beyond its control. If such a change is necessary, then all the terms and conditions apply as if the tenancy was conducted in the original unit. Boca Grande Real Estate, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the decor, equipment or other features of individual units, and will not make remuneration for the likes, dislikes of any guest. Rates and taxes subject to change without notice.

10. If any part of this agreement should be held invalid, that shall not invalidate the remainder of this agreement, which shall be enforced independently of the invalid portion(s).

11. Parking at Sea Oats is by permit only. Guests must check-in at the Association office during normal business hours immediately following check-in for their permit.

12. Boca Grande Real Estate, Inc. hereby notifies and discloses to the Guest, that all monies maintained in any account owned or controlled by Boca Grande Real Estate, Inc., including the escrow deposit accounts are maintained by Boca Grande Real Estate, Inc. at BB&T Bank. The accounts are insured to the legal limit by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, but Boca Grande Real Estate, Inc. discloses that because of this arrangement, it derives certain benefits from BB&T Bank in the form of lower service costs, and other benefits. The Guest hereby acknowledges this disclosure, and he acknowledges that it will receive no benefits, financial or otherwise and consents to Boca Grande Real Estate, Inc. receiving and enjoying all benefits accruing as a result of these transactions.

13. Guests do hereby agree and covenant to indemnify Boca Grande Real Estate, Inc., its employees, agents and representatives, against, and hold them harmless from, any and all claims, causes of action, damages or costs, including reasonable attorneys fees in defense of any such action, arising out of or connected with any damage to persons or property occurring in any manner whatsoever do to the Guests’ possession of the subject premises or otherwise arising out of this tenancy; regardless of whether said claims, causes of action, damages and costs are caused or created by the Guests, third parties or the owner of the subject premises.

14. Guests do hereby agree and covenant that in the event of any action arising out of this agreement or commenced for enforcement of this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its costs, including reasonable attorneys fees, in any forum and at the trial Court level or on appeal.

15. In the event the property is listed for sale, the property may be shown by appointment with 24 hours notice.

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