Golf Cart Rentals

Boca Grande Golf Cart Operating Rules

  • Persons under age 14 are prohibited by law from operating golf carts.
  • Electric golf carts may travel on the designated bike path and MUST yield to all other users of the path.
  • Users of the bike path must yield to traffic where the path intersects with public roads or streets.
  • Gas-powered vehicles (including gas powered golf carts) are prohibited from traveling on the bike path.
  • The jogging path is for pedestrian use ONLY.
  • Golf cart drivers MUST observe the same rules of the road as automobiles.
  • Bicycles and golf carts MUST observe the 15-mile per hour path speed limit.
  • Be sure your homeowners or rental insurance covers your golf cart.
  • Remember that golf cart operating after dark MUST have adequate head lights and tail lights.
  • Before you rent a cart make sure you can maintain (*charge) the cart where you are staying.

Warning: Violations of these rules may result in substantial fines and penalties!
Cart Rental Companies
Boca Grande Cart Rental
430 E Railroad Street
Boca Grande, FL
Caddy Carts
12691 Tamiami Trail
North Port, FL
Dolphin Cove
471 Park Avenue
Boca Grande, FL
Gasparilla Adventures
333 Park Ave
Boca Grande, FL

Thoroughbred Golf Carts
3301 Placida Rd.
Englewood, FL